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Post Bacc Programs Payment Page

Are you considering working with us? Please call us at 1.800.809.0800 (+1 703.242.5885 outside of the US and Canada) to arrange for a complimentary assessment of your candidacy!

We have helped numerous applicants gain admission to post bacc programs since 1996. Recognizing the peculiarities of the post bacc admissions process, we are proud to offer the following pricing options for our comprehensive and strategic post bacc program counseling services.

Hourly Rate

We bill the initial hour consultation at the discounted rate of US$150 and we only require a minimum 1 hour payment to retain our post bacc consulting services. We recommend starting with an initial one-hour consultation.

In a one hour initial consultation we will:

  • review the results of the detailed questionnaire you will receive when you sign up;

  • assess your candidacy (including if a post bacc program is necessary for your medical school positioning needs);

  • advise you on how to best highlight your strengths and mitigate your weaknesses;

  • recommend the best post bacc programs for you based on your background, preferences, and future career goals; and

  • formulate a detailed action plan to ensure you are optimally positioned for your post bacc and future med school applications.

Purchase the post bacc initial consultation:


Additional hours can be purchased in the following blocks:

3 hours for $700

5 hours for $1,100

10 hours for $1,900

(Please call us at 1.800.809.0800 or email us to purchase a block of hours.)

Our rush rate (maximum turnaround of 24 hours) is US$350. Please call to make this payment and to ensure we can accommodate your rush request.

We also accept credit card payments via telephone and fax should you have any problems paying online. See the bottom of this page for our contact information.

Fixed-Fee Application Packages

Our fixed-fee packages are strategic and comprehensive. We will spend as much time as required to ensure your essays, resumes/cvs, letters of reference, and short answer questions in the bodies of the applications are polished and perfected. We offer steep discounts for those applicants who are targeting multiple schools.

We have 2 different types of fixed-fee packages.

Single Application Fee

We have a single application fee of $1,500. This includes comprehensive and professional assistance with an application including:

  • Strategy
  • Essay and personal statement topic selections
  • Unlimited revisions (for content as well as grammar) for your essays and personal statements
  • Activity statement (resume/cv) editing
  • Guidance on letters of reference (who to approach, what to ask them to include, etc.)
  • Interview preparation
  • Application review

Purchase comprehensive service for a single application:


Multiple Application Packages

The following packages include comprehensive assistance with a set number of college applications. As part of these packages, we will provide guidance on the selection of schools you target for admission and we will assess your chances at each school.

All of these packages include the same level of comprehensive service as the single application. (See above.) Furthermore, you can purchase any of these applications after completing an initial one hour consultation and deduct the cost of that first hour paid ($150) from the price shown below.

Silver Package: Any Three (3) Post-Bacc Applications of Your Choice 
$3,000 ($2,850 after completion of the initial first hour consultation)

Gold Package: Any Five (5) Post-Bacc Applications of Your Choice
$4,000 ($3,850 after completion of the initial first hour consultation)

Platinum Package: Any Seven (7) Post-Bacc Applications of Your Choice
$4,600 ($4,450 after completion of the initial first hour consultation)

Fixed-Fee Waitlist Assistance

Send your consultant the entire application that landed you on the waitlist. He or she will share with you the probable reasons for the waitlist decision and advise you on the best way to handle this situation. You will receive comprehensive, professional assistance with preparing any additional material the consultant feels you should submit to the program, such as a letter reiterating your interest in the program, an additional letter of reference, etc. The fixed-fee price for this service is US $400.

Purchase the Post Bacc Assistance Package:


Fixed-Fee Ding Analysis

Were you rejected and want to know why? Your consultant will share with you the probable reasons for the ding, and will advise you on what you could have done to increase your acceptance chances. You will also receive an assessment of your chances as a medical school re-applicant, as well as an action plan to ensure that you are optimally positioned for those future applications. The fixed-fee price for this service is US $300.

Purchase the Post Bacc Ding Analysis Package:


We are available to begin helping you achieve your medical school ambitions right now!

Payment by Telephone/Fax/Check

Of course, we also accept personal checks. Checks denominated in USD should be made out to AdmissionsConsultants, Inc. and mailed to:

AdmissionsConsultants, Inc.
333 Maple Avenue East #700
Vienna, VA 22180

Phone: 1.800.809.0800
Fax: +1 703.436.8298

You may also feel free to call us at the number above or email us to get started.

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