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August 10, 2009

Medical School Admissions Consultant, Wayne Shelton, Featured in MedicalMasterMindCommunity.com Interview

Medical-MasterMind-Community.com recently released a podcast featuring senior medical school admissions consultant Dr. Wayne Shelton titled, "Medical School Admissions Interview with a committee insider." The podcast is over thirty minutes long and highlights Wayne's experience on the admissions committee for a prominent U.S. medical school and his current experience as a senior medical school consultant for AdmissionsConsultants. In the interview he shares his insights, tips, and sage advice for anyone considering a career in medicine.

An example of what was discussed in the interview site is shown here:

Dr. Dan (Interviewer): Let's assume the 4.0 GPA and the 37 MCAT, what non-numerical factors are they (the admissions committee) looking for in an ideal candidate?

Dr. Shelton: Certainly in healthcare today with the many challenges that we face and the challenges that physicians face in particular, physicians have to have interests and competencies in a wide range of areas and I think committees are looking for someone who is very well-rounded, who can not only excel in scientific and technical areas of medical science- but also really understand the larger setting of healthcare and how that impacts patients and as well as understanding of what patients are going though.

So they are looking for people who take a broader interest in the issues in healthcare in terms of politics and economics and also at the patient level, understanding what patients are going through in terms of what its like to have certain illnesses, being able to empathize with patients, being able to communicate with patients, and being able to help patients accomplish their goals in many ways.

You can listen to the entire podcast here.

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