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03/22/2017 16:28:51 - (David)
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03/22/2017 16:28:56 - (David)

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    03/17/2017 12:10:54 - (David)
    SLU gets 2 years probation
    03/17/2017 12:12:54 - (David)

    Saint Louis University's medical school was placed on probation for two years after the LCME found roughly 20 items it found noncompliant. Last month, the LCME sent the letter a school citing a "constellation of standards with which the school is out of compliance, which has compromised the quality of the medical-education program."

    03/15/2017 16:54:26 - (David)
    Paying for Medical School: Debt Matters
    03/15/2017 16:55:24 - (David)

    Despite efforts by medical schools, legislatures, and professional organizations to put the brakes on educational costs, medical students are accumulating more debt than ever. According to financial aid administrators, it is not at all uncommon for medical students to graduate with six-figure debt loads. The median medical school debt for 2014 graduates was $176,000. ($168,000 for public medical school graduates and $190,000 for private medical school graduates.)

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    03/09/2017 16:19:16 - (David)
    International Medical Schools
    03/09/2017 16:20:25 - (David)

    There are many international medical school admissions options outside the U.S. Each year, many applicants pursue admission to an international school with the hope of eventually becoming a U.S. doctor. These medical school applicants pursue admission to an international medical school with 1 of 2 longer term objectives:

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    03/02/2017 15:40:41 - (David)
    Accreditation team finishes visit to Phoenix
    03/02/2017 15:44:55 - (David)

    US News reports that the accreditation team has finished its visit to UA College of Medicine - Phoenix. The interim dean is optimistic progress is being made towards full accreditation and a final report is expected this summer.

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