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07/25/2016 13:31:21 - (David)
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07/25/2016 13:31:26 - (David)

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    07/21/2016 16:57:22 - (David)
    Suicide and depression among physicians
    07/21/2016 16:59:06 - (David)

    We wanted to bring your attention to an excellent article in STAT that discusses depression and suicide among physicians. For years, this was a topic no one wanted to publicly discuss and the medical culture was far more likely to label a physician as "weak" if they stepped forward indicating symptoms linked to either depression and/or suicidal thoughts.

    Read more and discuss

    07/18/2016 16:08:34 - (David)
    Demand for rural doctors to increase
    07/18/2016 16:09:48 - (David)

    While the nation is facing a physician shortage, the shortage is greatest in rural areas where roughly 20% of health care needs but only roughly 10% of doctors reside. If you do decide to go the "I want to practice rural medicine" route in your applications, please be sure you can substantiate it.

    07/18/2016 16:04:07 - (David)
    Columbia fined $9.5 million
    07/18/2016 16:07:00 - (David)

    Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons was fined $9.5 million for overbilling the NIH on hundreds of research grants. Despite the fact this case was brought by a whistle blower, we do not foresee any lasting impact on the medical school's ability to secure NIH grants.

    07/06/2016 13:56:48 - (David)
    So What's the Next Step?
    07/06/2016 13:56:54 - (David)

    Our timeline page has been updated for July and August activities.

    Please feel free to check it out. We always appreciate your valuable feedback.

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