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05/19/2016 17:20:21 - (David)
Food as medicine at Tulane
05/19/2016 17:21:36 - (David)

PSFK has a short read about how Tulane’s medical school is teaching its “Food as Medicine” ideology. The school is teaching its medical school students how to cook and attempting to teach them how to better discuss cooking and nutrition with patients as part of their holistic health care.

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05/12/2016 14:39:13 - (David)
High tech medical school cheating
05/12/2016 14:40:04 - (David)

Asian Correspondent has a story about a cheating ring that was busted at Thailand’s Rangsit University (RSU). Allegedly, a nearby tutoring center charged a $1,400 deposit and a $22,800 fee (yes, these are in US dollars!) payable upon the student passing the medical school exam. Proxies were used and aided by smart watches and spy glasses.

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05/09/2016 13:19:15 - (David)
GW adds new fellowship in integrative medicine
05/09/2016 13:24:30 - (David)

Last month, the American Board of Certification approved a new fellowship to be awarded to "physicians with exceptional expertise in a specialty field." Perhaps not coincidentally, George Washington University is also the only university in the US to offer a master's in integrative medicine.

05/02/2016 15:19:26 - (David)
So What's the Next Step?
05/02/2016 15:19:35 - (David)

Our timeline page has been updated for May and June activities.

Please feel free to check it out. We always appreciate your valuable feedback.

04/29/2016 15:30:47 - (David)
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04/29/2016 15:30:53 - (David)

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