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08/22/2016 09:48:37 - (David)
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08/22/2016 09:48:53 - (David)

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    08/09/2016 20:02:29 - (David)
    Harvard Medical School names new dean
    08/09/2016 20:06:02 - (David)

    Harvard Medical School announced Dr. George Q. Daley, a prominent stem cell researcher, will become its next dean effective January 1. He's already made clear his top priority will be to "build bridges" with the 15 affiliated hospitals and clinical sites that wield far greater autonomy than most med school affiliated entities.

    08/08/2016 16:25:43 - (David)
    Top medical schools section being updated
    08/08/2016 16:28:19 - (David)

    We've been crazy busy helping applicants with primary and secondary applications and now we're starting to prep many of them for interviews. Nonetheless, we've been updating our website content and, with most of the data in place, we've begun updating the school statistics in our top medical schools section. We hope to have it completely updated by the end of the month even though three of our twenty five schools haven't yet published their 2016-2017 tuition and cost of attendance numbers.

    08/05/2016 15:14:51 - (David)
    100 new residencies added in Georgia
    08/05/2016 15:17:10 - (David)

    The Coliseum Medical Centers in middle Georgia, an extremely underserved, rural area, will be adding 100 new residencies by 2020 to help retain more physicians in the area. This is great news as the number of new residency programs has lagged well behind the number of new US medical school seats.

    08/02/2016 17:12:53 - (David)
    Showcasing Your Extracurriculars
    08/02/2016 17:14:12 - (David)

    Activities and interests can make a great impact on a medical school application, if the student has a grasp on how they can be shown as assets to their story, rather than just a list of accomplishments. Students have a wide variety of interests and experiences; they don't need to be medically-oriented in order to be 'relevant' to an admissions committee.

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