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MBA Admissions Success Rate

AdmissionsConsultants is very pleased to announce that our auditors have completed their review of our past year's performance and substantiated that

1. Over 95% of our Gold Package clients were admitted into at least one of their top-choice schools.

2. All (100%) of our Platinum Package clients were admitted into at least one of their top-choice schools. Furthermore 75% of the Platinum clients were admitted into at least one top 10 business school as defined by the BusinessWeek rankings. (These were the most current and widely accepted rankings available at the time of the review.)

Why we chose to have our results independently verified

We take our role as the most trusted admissions consultancy quite seriously. Given some of the recent corporate scandals that have shaken our society, we decided it was more vital than ever to do whatever we could as the industry leader in admissions consulting to ensure prospective applicants are comfortable with our company and services. After all, the quality of your applications will weigh heavily on your future career development and you deserve to be armed with as much pertinent information as possible when deciding (a) if you should choose to take advantage of professional assistance and (b) the admissions service in which you wish choose to entrust your professional future.

What we did

We approached a very reputable regional accounting firm. We showed them all of our transactions and tied the total revenue back to what we reported in our previously-filed tax returns. A schedule of all of our Gold and Platinum MBA clients was then compiled from the entire population of that year's clients. Our auditors selected their own samples and sent confirmations.

What we did not do

We did not contract for an "agreed upon procedures" with our auditor. Such reports are not allowed to be externally released for the simple reason that third parties could easily misconstrue the results. An example would be if a company selected its own sample and asked an accounting firm to simply verify how many confirmations from that hand-chosen sample responded positively. One can see how easy it would be to then claim an independently verified high success rate.

You can click here to view our auditor's report. See for yourself that we have nothing to hide!

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