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October 20, 2009


New Jersey's largest circulated newspaper featured AdmissionsConsultants' recent ROI research and discussed the research findings with president David Petersam.

Below is a brief excerpt from the article:

Q. Why did you believe this method — crafting fake résumés — was the best way to gauge the return on investment for each of these MBA programs?

A. A lot of people want to believe that they don't have bias toward schools. Some of the recruiters said, "I don't care about the name of the school." But even though they said that, it didn't really come through when we actually started compiling the data. If I had asked, "Would you pay someone from Harvard more than you pay someone from the University of Maryland?" I don't think anyone would have said yes. Everyone would have said, "That's crazy. Why would I do that?" Subconsciously though, I think that they do.

Q. Which fields in business tend to favor top-rated MBA programs the most?

A. Investment banking and consulting. When we got to some of the less prestigious of the top 31 schools, we had some recruiters who said, "I don't believe this résumé. How did this person get a summer position at an investment bank?" It was a little awkward and uncomfortable because these résumés are composites. I can't compare any other school to a Harvard or a Wharton or a Chicago unless I keep everything else the same.

To read more, see "Report finds top institutions a better investment" by Venuri Siriwardane, in the Business Section of the October 20, 2009 The Star-Ledger.

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