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02/11/2018 19:31:00 - (David)
Mitigating a low GMAT score
02/11/2018 19:32:51 - (David)

You can't get far in any discussion of b-school admissions without someone bringing up GMAT scores. That isn't surprising. MBAs often look at things in terms of numbers, so it makes sense that applicants would turn to a set of numbers to try to understand their admission chances. And GMAT score ranges are in fact a quick, reasonably valid way to compare the class profiles of different schools.

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02/07/2018 09:36:30 - (David)
New Stern Dean Outlines Plans
02/07/2018 09:38:34 - (David)

NYU News has a nice article outlining Dean's Rangarajan "Raghu" Sundaram's plans now that he is the new dean. If you're seriously considering Stern, this should be a must (and fortunately short!) read.

02/04/2018 21:28:11 - (David)
Round 3 is a "different game"
02/04/2018 21:28:58 - (David)

A b-school application is an exercise in persuasion. You're trying to convince an admissions committee that you deserve a seat in their MBA program. As is the case with any communication, you'll be more successful if you shape your argument to the circumstances you're making it under.

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01/24/2018 22:47:05 - (David)
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01/24/2018 22:47:10 - (David)

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    01/16/2018 21:29:28 - (David)
    HBS alumni increasingly choosing public service
    01/16/2018 21:30:25 - (David)

    The Harvard Crimson published an insightful article about the trend toward increased public service in HBS graduates. Graduates in the Class of 2017 who went into public service doubled to 4 percent from the Class of 2016, but, as the article linked above also states, many grads do eventually end up in public service. It just seems to be starting a bit sooner.

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