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01/13/2017 10:47:02 - (David)
Leadership is a Key Component in Essays
01/13/2017 10:47:54 - (David)

Invariably, b-schools ask applicants to write about their leadership qualities at some point in their essays or in an interview. Sometimes the question is explicit, as in Wharton's "Where in your background would we find evidence of your leadership capacity and/or potential?" Other times, the question of leadership is implicit, as in Stanford's "Tell us about a time when you empowered others" and "Tell us about a time when you had a significant impact on a person, group or organization."

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01/12/2017 14:27:04 - (David)
University of Michigan shortens supply chain program
01/12/2017 14:27:09 - (David)

University of Michigan shortened its supply chain management program from 12 months to 10 months. It now ends in April to coincide with recruiting and includes more classes on big data. Even if you're not interested in this school or program, please understand that programs do change and not much remains static in higher education!

12/21/2016 16:47:31 - (David)
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12/21/2016 16:47:36 - (David)

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    12/19/2016 16:53:08 - (David)
    Cornell is launching a 12 month MiM
    12/19/2016 16:55:01 - (David)

    Business Because reported over the weekend that Cornell is about to introduce a one-year master in management next year. The MiM degree has become increasingly popular. It is mostly targeted towards applicants without work experience and it has definitely helped degree holders successfully differentiate themselves from traditional undergraduate degree holders in the entry level job market.

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    12/16/2016 10:19:35 - (David)
    Military and the MBA
    12/16/2016 10:21:16 - (David)

    Many young men and women are now transitioning from the military into new opportunities for leadership. History has demonstrated to MBA programs how valuable their experiences are. These experiences range from what they learned and how their service shapes the way they lead, how they treat people, how they make decisions, and how their management style develops.

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