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07/27/2015 11:17:56 - (David)
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07/27/2015 11:18:01 - (David)

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    07/21/2015 16:07:52 - (David)
    Be Yourself in B-School Applications
    07/21/2015 16:08:54 - (David)

    One of the biggest mistakes that b-school applicants make is presenting themselves as someone they think the schools want, instead of being who they really are. A while ago I worked with a client who almost fell into some serious trouble this way.

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    07/15/2015 10:51:41 - (David)
    Entrepreneurship Rankings
    07/15/2015 10:54:13 - (David)

    We hope it goes without saying, but please take the various rankings with a proverbial grain of salt. There are no perfect rankings out there and that includes our own. Bear in mind that graduate respondents might lie and if a school seems to produce more entrepreneurs than a higher-ranked program, perhaps one reason why is that those graduate don't have the same opportunities as the ones from the higher ranked school.

    This concludes our rant for the day. Thank you. :-)

    07/07/2015 14:10:25 - (David)
    Updated MBA Book Reviews
    07/07/2015 14:13:02 - (David)

    We have just completed our latest updates to our MBA book reviews. These reviews include such new MBA admit must haves such as printers, phones and calculators. As always, please don't hesitate to contact us if you wish to share any recommendations!

    07/01/2015 16:39:18 - (David)
    So What's the Next Step?
    07/01/2015 16:39:23 - (David)

    Our timeline page has been updated for July and August activities.

    Please feel free to check it out. We always appreciate your valuable feedback.

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