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02/16/2017 11:49:53 - (David)
Essays are important but only in context
02/16/2017 11:51:49 - (David)

There's no question that essays play an important part in b-school admissions – but some applicants have the wrong idea about why essays are important, or what admissions committees look for when they read them.

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02/09/2017 17:21:34 - (David)
York Schulich construction update
02/09/2017 17:22:47 - (David)

Urban Toronto has a nice article with a good update on the construction projects underway at York University’s Schulich School of Business.

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02/09/2017 15:10:39 - (David)
The Case for Applying Late
02/09/2017 15:11:34 - (David)

We asked Senior Consultant Susan Shaffer for her opinion on whether admissions committees ever compare Round 3 applicants to the people they already have on the waitlist.

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02/02/2017 09:41:12 - (David)
Presenting Non Profit Experience
02/02/2017 09:42:21 - (David)

Sure, most MBA students are motivated at least in part by profit. And most MBA graduates take the skills they learn to business ventures, where they create value for themselves and others in forms that are measured in dollars and cents. But the fundamental skills that business schools teach are not about money – they’re about management. Those skills are just as valuable in nonprofits and in public service as they are in business.

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01/26/2017 09:13:15 - (David)
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01/26/2017 09:13:30 - (David)

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