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07/01/2015 16:39:18 - (David)
So What's the Next Step?
07/01/2015 16:39:23 - (David)

Our timeline page has been updated for July and August activities.

Please feel free to check it out. We always appreciate your valuable feedback.

06/24/2015 15:05:26 - (David)
Don't Miss the July Edition of the Insider Edge Newsletter!
06/24/2015 15:05:32 - (David)

This edition of our free, monthly newsletter will be released on Wednesday, July 1 and include these items:

  • Video: So You've Completed the GMAT! Now What?
  • Ranking Top Business Schools by Income and Debt
  • David’s Corner: Mitigating a Low GMAT Score
  • Business School Post of the Month
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    06/22/2015 10:44:12 - (David)
    The MS Option
    06/22/2015 10:45:41 - (David)

    If you're reading this blog, we assume you have an interest in an MBA. But have you considered the MS option? It's not that we want to dissuade anyone from pursuing an MBA, but there are times when the MS option may be more beneficial. Don't hesitate to call us if you want to discuss the MS Finance (Management, Marketing, Human Resources, etc.) options in more detail.

    06/17/2015 17:05:59 - (David)
    Application Deadlines
    06/17/2015 17:07:17 - (David)

    If you're not already aware, there have been a lot of application deadlines published for this upcoming year and plenty of admission essays as well. Now is the time to get started. (Assuming you have the GMAT/GRE out of the way.) Call us at 1.800.809.0800 to schedule a complimentary assessment and get started on the right track!

    06/09/2015 11:19:17 - (David)
    Attn: GMAT test takers!
    06/09/2015 11:20:05 - (David)

    If you are unsure about the timing of the GMAT or if you've taken it and are unsure about retaking it, please call us. We're here to help and we routinely advise applicants on this issue as part of our complimentary assessment.

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