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LL.M. Services

(Are you interested in a J.D. rather than an LL.M. degree? Click here to view our J.D. pricing.)

Note: Please do not sign up for our LL.M. services before confirming that we currently have a consultant with LL.M. admission committee experience who is able to accept new clients! We are committed to providing all our clients with a maximum 72 hour turnaround time on their queries. Our consultants stop accepting new clients when they feel that they may not be able to meet this obligation. There are times when consultants with a particular expertise are fully booked and (for the time being) unable to take on additional clients.

We offer two different payment options: an hourly rate, and a fixed-fee service package. Several different packages are offered, covering different services on different numbers of applications. See below for details.

Hourly Rate

We bill an hourly rate of US$275 for our LL.M. admissions services. As is the case with our J.D. services, we only require a minimum 1 hour payment to retain the services of a consultant – and not just any consultant, but one who has worked a minimum of 3 years, full time, for an LL.M. admissions committee at one of the most prestigious law schools in the United States. The hourly payment option means that you will not pay us for services you do not desire, and that you will always be in charge of how your consulting time is used.

Our rush rate (maximum turnaround of 24 hours) is $375. Please call to make this payment and to ensure we can accommodate your rush request.

Purchase one (1) or more hours of law school admissions consulting time:


We accept credit cards via telephone and fax should you have any problems paying on line.

Fixed-Fee Application Packages

Fixed-fee application packages cover all support for a law school application. You can purchase a fixed-fee application package for a single application, or for a multiple number of application packages.

Single Application Fee

We have a single application fee of $1,700. This package provides comprehensive and professional assistance with any single application of your choice. Support includes:

  • Strategy review and advice
  • Personal statement and essay topic selection advice
  • Unlimited revisions (for content as well as for grammar) of your essays and personal statements
  • Guidance on letters of reference (including who to select as a letter writer, how to approach them, and what letters should mention to best support your "story." We will review any letters of reference your recommenders allow you to draft.)
  • Interview preparation (if applicable)
  • Application review (of short answers, job descriptions, lists of extracurricular activities, etc.)

Purchase a single application package:


Multiple Application Packages

Multiple application packages provide comprehensive assistance with a set number of law school applications. With these packages, we also provide a review of the schools you have targeted for admission (the relative strengths and weaknesses of their various programs; their preferences in selecting applicants; their institutional cultures, etc.), and our assessment of your chances of gaining admittance to each of the schools.

If you decide to purchase a multiple application package after having completed our initial one hour consultation (see above), we will deduct the cost of that first hour paid ($275) from the package price.

These packages provide the same level of comprehensive service that is provided by the single application package (see above.)

Silver Package: Any Three (3) LL.M. Applications of Your Choice 
$3,395 ($3,120 after completion of the initial first hour consultation)

Gold Package: Any Five (5) LL.M. Applications of Your Choice
$3,995 ($3,720 after completion of the initial first hour consultation)

* Due to the rather small number and high degree of specialization amongst LL.M. programs, we believe it is not very probable that you should want to apply to more than 5 programs. However, if you wish to apply to more than 5 LL.M. programs after your initial consultation, we can provide you with a custom quote for 6 or more applications.

Fixed-Fee Waitlist Assistance

A highly qualified consultant with LL.M. admissions committee experience will review a law school application that landed you on the waitlist. He or she will share with you the probable reasons for the waitlist and advise you on the best way to handle this situation. You will receive professional assistance with any material the consultant feels you should submit to the program such as a letter reiterating your interest in the program, an additional letter of reference, etc. The fixed-fee price for this service is $595.

Purchase the fixed-fee waitlist assistance:


Fixed-Fee Ding Analysis (for Re-Applicants)

This package is designed for law school applicants who have had one application to law school rejected, and who want to assess their chances of gaining admittance as a re-applicant.

A highly qualified consultant LL.M. admissions committee experience will review your application and tell you the probable reasons for the 'ding.' He or she will advise you on steps to address those weaknesses and to increase your acceptance chances. You will also receive an overall assessment of your chances of gaining admittance in your changed status as a law school re-applicant, as well as advice on an action plan that will ensure you are optimally positioned for those future applications. The fixed-fee price for this service is $395.

Purchase the fixed-fee ding analysis:


Payment by Telephone/Fax/Check

We can also accept credit card payments via telephone (1.800.809.0800) and fax (703.436.8298).

Of course, we also accept personal checks as well. Our mailing address is:

AdmissionsConsultants, Inc.
333 Maple Avenue East #700
Vienna, VA 22180

Phone: (800) 809 - 0800
Fax: (703) 436 - 8298

You may also feel free to call us at the number above or email us to get started.

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