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Law School Investment Calculator Pointers

Before jumping into our law school investment calculator, we want to make sure you are aware that this tool has some limitations and should just be one of many tools you utilize in your law school investment decision. Here are a few key pointers to consider when utilizing our calculator:

Does the discount rate differ from your student loan rate?

If it does, how quickly or slowly you pay off the principle of your loan will affect your net present value (NPV).

Don't expect your salary to grow at a nice, even rate every year.

To keep our return on investment calculator somewhat simple, we had to make this assumption.

Don't expect the amount of student loan principle you pay down every year to be steady either.

Things will come up. You may get married. You may buy a house. Again, we had to make some assumptions to keep our investment calculator from getting too complex and cumbersome.

You may not work for 30 more years.

If you make partner at a big law firm, you could very easily be financially independent and enjoying the "good life" in fewer than 30 years after completing your law school studies. Conversely, you may love what you are doing so much, you may not want to ever retire.

Some jobs have great benefits that can't be easily quantified.

Obviously, our return on investment calculator will not automatically determine the difference between various health plan options, retirement savings accounts, etc. You will have to alter your inputs to take any of these considerations into account.

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