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12/15/2014 13:21:47 - (David)
New Video: Plan Law School Financing Now
12/15/2014 13:22:44 - (David)

It's not too early for law school applicants to start thinking seriously about how they're going to pay for their J.D. degree, says Senior Law School Admissions Consultant Susan Brooks.

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12/09/2014 11:42:52 - (David)
New Video: The Advantage of Pre Law Work Experience
12/09/2014 11:47:11 - (David)

We've found some time to work on our Youtube channel the past week or so and just released yet another new video. This one features the value of having full-time work experience before applying to law school. Of course, you're always welcome to subscribe to our Youtube channel to be kept abreast of new videos as soon as they are released.

12/03/2014 16:46:06 - (David)
Law School Still Worth the Investment
12/03/2014 16:50:38 - (David)

Forbes has an article that has already been republished quite a bit. The premise of the article is that there is still demand for smart lawyers and society shouldn't want its most talented young students to driven away from law. The author also postulates that the innovation brought on by the digital revolution is going to require "fresh legal thinking." We recommend this relatively short read to anyone contemplating law school.

11/24/2014 11:45:20 - (David)
Don't Miss the December Edition of the Insider Edge Newsletter!
11/24/2014 11:45:27 - (David)

This edition of our free, monthly newsletter will be released on Monday, December 1 and include these items:

  • Video: What Not to Write in Your Personal Statement for Law School
  • Creating the Right Alternative
  • How to Easily Eliminate Irrelevant Logical Reasoning Answer Choices
  • Law School Post of the Month
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    11/19/2014 14:22:51 - (David)
    Law School Return on Investment Calculator
    11/19/2014 14:23:56 - (David)

    We have developed a FREE simple calculator that you can use to compare two different law schools. You can also compare the value of a 3 year JD to a 1 year paralegal program!

    Calculate your expected law school ROI!

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