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05/02/2016 15:20:33 - (David)
So What's the Next Step?
05/02/2016 15:21:08 - (David)

Our law school timeline page has been updated for May and June activities.

Please feel free to check it out. We always appreciate your valuable feedback!

04/29/2016 15:26:29 - (David)
Don't Miss Our May Newsletter
04/29/2016 15:26:34 - (David)

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    04/26/2016 08:46:07 - (David)
    Law school application volumes expected to rise
    04/26/2016 08:48:41 - (David)

    The National Law Journal is reporting that law school application volumes are expected to rise this fall. The more specific forecasted increase is 5.5%.

    04/21/2016 13:56:06 - (David)
    More drama at HLS
    04/21/2016 14:01:36 - (David)

    After drama earlier this week from student protesters now demanding free tuition (even if it means reducing professor salaries), the story in the news is the unnamed student (a Google search will easily reveal his name) who asked Israeli dignitary Tzipi Livni, "How is it that you are so smelly? ... A question about the odor of Ms. Tzipi Livni, she's very smelly, and I was just wondering."

    Harvard Law School enjoys tremendous brand name equity. But it seems to be pushing the boundaries with some of this political correctness/social justice warrior stuff. We're seeing more clients leaning to Stanford over Harvard and if this keeps up, it may not be too long until students start leaning towards schools like Columbia, NYU and Chicago over Harvard too.

    04/12/2016 12:31:09 - (David)
    The law school waitlist
    04/12/2016 12:32:47 - (David)

    One of the most difficult situations you might face as a law school applicant is how to handle a waitlist decision from a school you really want to attend. Should you bombard the school with additional material, hoping that something you send will convince the school to admit you? Or should you just sit tight, fearing that submitting additional, unsolicited material will annoy the law school admissions committee?

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