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03/22/2017 16:25:31 - (David)
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03/22/2017 16:25:36 - (David)

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    03/16/2017 08:03:20 - (David)
    The Importance of Attending a Top Law School
    03/16/2017 08:06:22 - (David)

    US News has salary numbers reporting that only 35 of their 197 ranked law schools have average starting salaries of $100,000 or more. Their median private sector salary across all their ranked law schools was $68,300. So, depending on your particular career goals, it may make sense to only attend a top law school.

    03/15/2017 16:46:10 - (David)
    Application Timeline
    03/15/2017 16:47:38 - (David)

    At the very beginning, make sure law school really is for you. Be sure that this is something you are very serious about and that law school is indeed what you really want to do.

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    03/09/2017 15:01:53 - (David)
    Charles Koch Foundation gives $2.2 million to Penn Law
    03/09/2017 15:04:34 - (David)

    Penn Law's research and policy center received a $2.2 million gift from the conservative Charles Koch Foundation to "promote long-term structural improvements to the U.S. criminal justice system."

    03/04/2017 18:38:19 - (David)
    A big "hit" at ASU
    03/04/2017 18:40:04 - (David)

    ASU wrote an admittedly self-promoting piece about a popular course taught by former MLB commissioner Bud Selig. Mr. Selig will be teaching the class again in the fall. If you're a prospective applicants, we don't know how much longer he plans to teach it.

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