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03/23/2015 11:36:49 - (David)
Don't Miss the April Edition of the Insider Edge Newsletter!
03/23/2015 11:36:55 - (David)

This edition of our free, monthly newsletter will be released on Wednesday, April 1 and include these items:

  • Video: Rankings Shouldn’t Be Your Only Tool in Law School Selection
  • Waitlist Tips and Strategies
  • Our Thoughts on Interpretation 503-3
  • Law School Post of the Month
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    03/23/2015 11:30:57 - (David)
    Off the Bubble and Into Your Target School
    03/23/2015 11:32:12 - (David)

    You've narrowed down your list of target schools and have begun preparing your application. You've got the LSAT coming up and have lined up your recommendations. So do you think you've got what it takes to get in? Or will you end up on the bubble?

    Learn more

    03/16/2015 10:52:24 - (David)
    Handling Failure in Law School
    03/16/2015 10:55:08 - (David)

    Canadian Lawyer has a nice article about handling the pressures of law school and bracing yourself for potentially no longer being a "big fish in a small pond." While we certainly wish all of our readers nothing but the best, chances are strong that more than 10% of the law school class is going to be gunning to be in the top 10 percentile and the stress and potential disappointment may be a bit easier to handle with some advanced preparation.

    03/12/2015 15:20:08 - (David)
    Law School ROI
    03/12/2015 15:22:39 - (David)

    If you're curious as to whether it's better to attend a law school or perhaps a paralegal program, please don't hesitate to check out our free law school ROI calculator. Obviously, the calculated results will only be as good as your assumptions and no one has a 100% success rate at predicting the future. Nonetheless, we hope it helps you think critically and explicitly about the variables that factor into your future ROI and it allows you to make the best possible decision for your future.

    03/02/2015 18:20:26 - (David)
    So What's the Next Step?
    03/02/2015 18:20:42 - (David)

    Our timeline page has been updated for March and April activities.

    Please feel free to check it out. We always appreciate your valuable feedback.

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