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12/08/2016 16:17:00 - (David)
1,200 applicants have privacy hacked
12/08/2016 16:18:54 - (David)

1,200 applicants to University of Wisconsin's law school in 2005 and 2006 had their privacy hacked after a server in the admissions office was compromised. The school has already reached out to affected applicants to notify them of potential ID fraud. Hopefully, this will serve as a warning for all schools to strenghten their privacy protections.

12/06/2016 14:16:34 - (David)
FREE law school ROI calculator
12/06/2016 14:18:15 - (David)

We have developed a FREE simple calculator that you can use to compare two different law schools. You can also compare the value of a 3 year JD to a 1 year paralegal program!

Click here to check it out!

11/23/2016 13:45:21 - (David)
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11/23/2016 13:45:26 - (David)

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    11/21/2016 11:11:04 - (David)
    LSAT score declines might slow
    11/21/2016 11:12:04 - (David)

    National Jurist is now incorporating LSAT scores into their rankings in a rather creative way. They have ranked the top law schools in terms of bar passage based on the LSAT’s predictive value. While the LSAT is technically not supposed to predict bar passage success, it’s not hard to see that a high bar passage rate looks more impressive if the students’ LSAT scores were relatively low.

    Read more and discuss

    11/17/2016 13:31:26 - (David)
    UNT Dallas still not accredited
    11/17/2016 13:35:44 - (David)

    Instead of releasing a "yeah or nay" decision on UNT Dallas' accreditation, the ABA instead decided to defer for a while. As a result, the graduating 3Ls are not guaranteed the right to sit for the Texas bar. UNT is asking for permission for its students to be able to sit for the bar (since currently only graduates of ABA schools are allowed the right) and are optimistic their exception will be granted.

    It appears the students will be granted that right and we're hopeful for them. We just want to use this story to emphasize the risk applicants take if they accept an offer from a school that is not accredited or on probation.

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