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GRE Numeric Entry

This is by no means a groundbreaking new question format: instead of multiple-choice math questions, students will now sometimes have to type the actual numerical answer into a box on the test screen. Some questions of this type may have a fraction as the answer and you are expected to enter the numerator and denominator in two separate boxes.

Directions: Solve each question and enter the answer in the spaces provided. Use any of the symbols 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0, . , /.

Q1. If the sum of numeric entry, and of a number is 13 less than the number, what is the number?

Directions: The answer to the following question is a fraction. Enter the numerator in the upper box and the denominator in the lower box.

Q2. In a jar, of the beads are red in color. Of the remaining beads in the jar that are not red, of the beads are blue in color. What fraction of the beads in the jar are neither blue nor red?

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