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08/10/2017 16:35:02 - (David)
Avoid sample personal statements at all costs!
08/10/2017 16:35:54 - (David)

Writing a graduate school application can be intimidating. It's not easy to know the best approach, format, or style. That's where reading sample personal statements can help. But be careful. While the samples may look great, don't let the drama of these samples overtake your own story.

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08/08/2017 21:56:09 - (David)
Selecting between a masters and Ph.D.
08/08/2017 21:57:00 - (David)

Although master's and doctoral degree programs are often grouped together in the category of "graduate education," the two programs represent different educational experiences and often lead to different career paths. Anyone considering graduate school should give careful consideration as to which program is the better option for them.

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08/03/2017 16:19:08 - (David)
Finding the Focus of a Personal Statement
08/03/2017 16:20:38 - (David)

Writing an effective personal statement is a harder job than many applicants expect it to be. Often it's not just a question of content, but of focus and tone. One time I worked with an applicant who obviously had a lot of great attributes. She had done well in school despite having first to overcome a personal illness, and then cope with a serious illness in her family. That was a big achievement. But a sense of achievement is not what came through when I read the first draft of her personal statement.

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07/26/2017 15:31:08 - (David)
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07/26/2017 15:31:14 - (David)

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    07/24/2017 15:15:09 - (David)
    Don't Let Your Dissertation Run Your Life
    07/24/2017 15:16:53 - (David)

    Inside Higher Ed has a nice article from David McDonald of the Duke University Career Center with some great advice for graduate students and prospective graduate students. We strongly encourage you to take a few minutes to read the piece linked above!

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