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April 24, 2007

Well-Rounded Applicants Sought by Schools

When it comes to college admissions at competitive schools, admissions officers are looking for well-rounded applicants, noted David M. Petersam, president of AdmissionsConsultants, Inc. Petersam shared his view today in the California Aggie, the student newspaper of the University of California at Davis.

David Petersam, president of AdmissionsConsultants Inc., said it is important for applicants to differentiate themselves from others. His company specializes in helping clients achieve admission to both undergraduate and graduate schools.

"You hopefully don't want to admit a bunch of students who are going to quietly and copiously take notes in the back of the class and then disappear to the library until midnight,"  Petersam said. "Just having the grades is not enough. No one wants a 4.0 student with perfect SATs if they have a huge ego and bicker with their professors." 

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