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August 13, 2009

Senior College Consultant Provides Back-to-School Tips for Washingtonian.com

Recently one of our senior college consultants, Sheri Mural, was asked to provide tips to readers of the Washingtonian.com for preparing for the upcoming school year. Here is what she advises students and their parents to do in the article:

It's not too early to start thinking about collegeŚwithin reason.
Even for kids who aren't getting ready to apply for college, some introspection can be valuable. "For students who aren't on the brink of filling out applications, I tell them the college search process begins with them thinking about themselves," Mural says. "Explore new areas. Join a club, play on a sports team, take on an internship. Expose yourself to new ideas and experiences. Then think about how you learn best. Think about what environment is best for you. And think about what you don't likeŚit's just as valuable.."

If your child is getting ready to apply to colleges, encourage him or her not to procrastinate.
Ideally, senior year should be about senior year, Mural says. "In a way, I think the college process has taken away from students' high-school experiences," Mural says. "The better prepared you are, the more you can do to make sure applications aren't the focal point of the year."

Students should identify a support team to provide perspective and assistance.
Mural says students of all ages benefit from knowing who to go to when they're dealing with school-related stress, whether it is a parent, a teacher, or someone else.

The site also features additional tips from a first-grade teacher, registered dietician, and more. Click here to view the full article

- Sheri the former Associate Director of Admission for Columbia University's Barnard College Sheri has made reject/accept/waitlist decisions on hundreds of applications.

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