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School Visits

So you're getting ready to hit some campuses. Do you know what to look for, what kinds of questions to ask? Check here for some great advice.

Getting the Most Out of Your Summer Campus Tours
     Senior Consultant Robert Romans gives valuable tips and advice about how you can maximize campus visits this summer. Summer is a popular time to visit college and university campuses and it's important to remember that you'll be seeing schools during their off season.

Visiting Colleges – Is It Really Important?
     Seeing the size of the school, the housing or dormitories, classrooms, and other facilities can help you determine if the school is a good fit for you.

A Campus Visit Can Make All the DifferenceAdmissions Video
      If you had to name one step of the college selection process that applicants should absolutely not skip over, this is probably the one. 

Nine Questions To Ask a Campus AmbassadorAdmissions Video
      As you make campus visits and attend college information sessions, you're likely to have a chance to speak to a campus ambassador. These are current students who give prospective students tours of the school and who answer questions about the school from a student's perspective. 

Why a School Visit Now Can Spare You a Transfer Later
     Pamphlets and websites are good information resources, but you can't judge how you will feel about a college or university community until you've been to the school.

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