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SAT Subject Test Prep Book Reviews

For quick reference, here are links to related books we have reviewed:

A Note on SAT Subject Test Books

Our advice on SAT Subject Test study books is very similar to our advice on SAT Reasoning Test books. We strongly advise all prospective college applicants to purchase at least 2 books on the SAT Subject Tests.

First, we recommend The Official Study Guide for All SAT Subject Tests from the College Board, the organization that writes the tests. There is a significant difference between the official questions you will be asked on the exam and the practice questions contained in all other books.

Secondly, we recommend purchasing a subject-specific "unofficial" guide for the test you are taking. There is indeed a way to study for this test that will materially improve your score. The better unofficial guides contain many time-proven test-taking strategies that serve that purpose, as well as excellent explanations of the logic behind the correct answers to the practice problems. You will greatly increase your chances of receiving a higher test score if you go to the test armed with SAT Subject Test-taking strategies and knowledge of actual questions from previous exams.

The Official Study Guide for All SAT Subject Tests 2nd Edition from The College Board

The Official Study Guide for All SAT Subject Tests Buy this book from Amazon.com

We advise all of our clients to prepare for the SAT Subject Tests with this book. There is no better preparation for the test than having an idea of the real test questions you will see when you take one of the SAT Subject Tests. This book presents questions taken from recent, actual tests in 20 subjects – including writing, literature, American history, world history, mathematics, biology, chemistry, physics, and foreign languages – in a way that evokes the look and feel of the actual exam. Some test-taking strategies are covered as well, but we do not think these will be as effective for you as the tips and strategies shared in the "unofficial" guides listed below.

Barron's SAT Subject Test Math Level 2, 12th Edition by Richard Ku

How to Prepare for the SAT II: Math Level IC Buy this book from Amazon.com

We've yet to see a SAT Subject Test guide to the Mathematics Level II exam that we like as much as this one. It presents six full-length model exams with all questions answered and explained. Subject review chapters cover arithmetic, algebra, geometry (plane, solid, and coordinate), trigonometry, functions and probability, and statistics. Test takers will also find hundreds of multiple-choice questions.

Barron's SAT Subject Test in Biology E/M, 6th Edition by Deborah T. Goldberg

How to Prepare for the SAT II: Biology E/M Buy this book from Amazon.com

We have two favorites for the biology exam. This Barron's guide is one of them. It contains an overview of the two SAT Subject Tests in biology, along with a review of test-taking strategies, a short diagnostic test, review chapters covering 11 biology topics, two complete practice tests (each with an answer key), and over 350 additional practice questions and answers.

Cracking the SAT Biology E/M Subject Test, 16th Edition by Princeton Review

Cracking the SAT II: Biology Buy this book from Amazon.com

We like this Princeton Review book largely because it is easier to read than the Barron's guide. However, we have some reservations about its subject content. We appreciate that the book is meant to teach you to do well on the SAT Subject Test in Biology rather than to teach anyone biology. That said, we suspect they may have cut some corners in selecting material to present for review. Nonetheless, this book is relatively easy to read and includes many good test-taking tips. If you feel comfortable with what you learned in your AP biology class and do not think you need a subject review or refresher, this book will likely prove to be more helpful to you than the Barron's guide described above.

Barron's SAT Subject Test Chemistry, 13th Edition by Joseph Mascetta and Mark Kernion

SAT2 Chemistry Buy this book from Amazon.com

Several clients have given this guide high praises and the SAT chemistry scores they've received seem to confirm the book's value!

Barron's SAT Subject Test: Physics, 2nd Edition by Robert Jansen and Greg Young

SAT2 Physics Buy this book from Amazon.com

Quite simply, this Barron's guide continues to receive the most accolades from our clients. (That plus no one in our headquarters office is particularly capable of reviewing physics books!)

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