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March 29, 2007

Record Number of College Applicants Fuels High Rejection Rates

AdmissionsConsultants' Nadine C. Warner, an adviser to college and university applicants, was interviewed along with officials from the University of Pennsylvania and Dartmouth College in an article in today's Financial Times on how record numbers of applicants to Ivy League and other selective schools is fueling record rates of rejection.

With so many applicants, even schools that had expanded the number of available slots have mailed record numbers of rejection letters. Combined with a rising number of applicants who target prestigious schools are the factors of a rising number of international students and schools' acceptance of the Common Application, which makes it easier for applicants to vie for entrance to multiple schools. Finally, as Ms. Warner noted, schools can pick and choose from a highly accomplished applicant pool.

“I think that 17- and 18-year-olds today have accomplished more,” she said. “They are more likely to have a web business on the side, or to have done volunteer work in a foreign country, or to have started a literary magazine in their spare time. They've done grander projects, which makes the pool more competitive.”

Ms. Warner is a former Assistant Director of Admissions at the University of Chicago, where she made accept, reject, or waitlist decisions on thousands of applicants to the university's undergraduate programs. At AdmissionsConsultants, she works with high school students aiming for selective colleges, helping them prepare for admissions exams and interviews, and providing guidance on applications.

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