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June 11, 2007

AdmissionsConsultants' Nadine Warner on Appeal of Independent Thinkers

An article in today's Daily Journal, of New Jersey, explores why some top students get admitted to Ivy League schools, and others – despite top grades and scores – don't. The article, published today, quotes Nadine C. Warner, an undergraduate admissions adviser at AdmissionsConsultants, Inc.

As noted in the story, acing advanced placement courses, scoring at the top on SATs, and placing among the top grade earners in your high school class aren't all that it takes to enter the Ivies. Admissions officers at those schools are looking for more.

These days, competitive colleges are seeking out well-rounded students with impressive extracurricular records, especially those who endeavor to leave their imprint on the world.

Staffers at AdmissionsConsultants of Vienna, Va., a national counseling service that works with students to increase their chances of getting into preferred schools, said students can take several steps to distinguish themselves from the pack of wannabe freshmen.

"I think they are looking for the well-rounded students – those who are more self sufficient," said Nadine Warner, an AdmissionsConsultants senior counselor. "They are looking for students that show some diversity in their interests." 

That's been the trend for the past five to seven years, she said.

Demographics might be shaping that admission process, said Mike Sullivan, a Vineland High School guidance counselor.

Today, more students are going to college and that's making the admission process more competitive, Sullivan said.

That means more students are applying to Ivy League schools.

Ivy League schools are desirable options because their degree comes with marketability, Warner said.

"They'll always have that name," she said.

The article continued with Warner's suggestions for students to be original and independent thinkers:

Try something original, Warner said, noting she was working with one high school student who launched her own literary magazine on the Internet.

"They should be independent thinkers, not joiners," Warner said.

High school years should illustrate how students achieved success rather than waiting until they were on a college campus to find their direction.

Once they reach an Ivy League campus, Warner said, "They should be ready to seize more opportunities." 


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