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March 27, 2007

Athletes, Minorities Show More Academic Strength than Legacies

A Princeton University survey concludes that among students at 28 highly selective colleges and universities, those who got preferential treatment during the admissions process because of legacy status performed worse academically than those who earned admissions points because of minority status or athletic ability. Deb Schmidt, an AdmissionsConsultants adviser to high school students aiming for Ivy League and other selective colleges, says in today's Yale Daily News that unqualified students cannot expect to be admitted to their mother or fatherís alma mater, because competitive colleges are unlikely to give a coveted spot to someone who would not be able to succeed at that school. Further, she said:

"Itís less difficult to tell a highly committed, maybe wealthy alum that their son or daughter wasnít admitted in a pool of 17,000 applicants than it is a year or two later to say, 'Your son or daughter has flunked out,' because that reflects personally on the student."

Schmidt's experience includes more than 20 years in college admissions, including posts at at Cornell University and Carleton College. In addition to her work at AdmissionsConsultants, she is an adviser to Peterson's Guides on college interviews and selective-college admissions and the College Board.

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