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February 6, 2007

Is Legacy a Factor in Admissions? Yes, says AdmissionsConsultants Adviser, But Schools Won't Lower the Bar

How much of an advantage do Ivy League applicants gain by applying to a parent's or grandparent's alma mater? Looking at acceptance rates for legacy applicants and regular applicants makes family ties look like a big bonus at the University of Pennsylvania. Yet, says an AdmissionsConsultants adviser in today's Daily Pennsylvanian, the student newspaper of the University of Pennsylvania, while it can help, legacy alone won't get you in. As the article noted, legacy applicants must be as academically viable as their competitors:

Nadine Warner, an admissions counselor at AdmissionsConsultants, said no school will give an applicant a free pass if they donít meet the requirements and standards of the university. ďItís not in the schoolís best interest to admit someone that wonít do well,Ē Warner said.

At Penn and other Ivy League schools, applicants face high standards, regardless of whether Mom or Dad is an alumnus.

The take-home message here is that legacy can only be a bonus when its heirs meet the same admissions benchmarks required of all prospective students.

Warner is a former assistant director of admissions at the University of Chicago, where she made accept, reject, or waitlist decisions on thousands of applicants. At AdmissionsConsultants, she works with undergraduate admissions applicants bound for top-tier colleges and universities. She and other undergraduate admissions counselors at AdmissionsConsultants help clients prepare for admissions exams and interviews and provide guidance on applications.

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