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Extracurriculars Index

Within that college application you have to give a list of your extracurricular activities. So what do you include? Find out here.

Internships Versus Summer ProgramsAdmissions Video
     As college admissions become increasingly competitive, students are no longer relaxing at the beach during their summer breaks. Instead, they are more innovative and assertive about advancing their studies and professional experiences.

The Admissions Advantage of Summer Programs
     College-sponsored summer academic programs are increasingly popular among high school students; however, the advantage gained by summer program participation is not quite the one some people think it is.

Study Shows Dual-enrollment Programs Beneficial
     Dual-enrollment programs have increased in popularity in recent years; students who take college courses while in high school are more likely than their peers to graduate, go on and do well in college.

What Admissions Committees Look For in Extracurriculars
      College applications always have a section where applicants are asked to list their extracurricular activities and there's a reason for that. 

Squash as a Wow Factor
     Squash – the sport, not the humble gourd – is growing in popularity, especially in the Northeast, but has it become the athletic "wow" factor for college applicants?

Case Study: Going from Good to Outstanding
     "A lot of different factors feed into college admissions decisions. Sometimes the most surprising things can turn out to be a plus or a minus..."

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