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Ivy League Admissions - Class of 2010

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Ivy League schools sent notification letters to their fall 2006 early applicants (early action and early decision applicants) in mid-December. The following table summarizes the information we have to date on the number of EA applications received and accepted at each school. Missing data will be added as it becomes available.

Most of the schools that have reported EA statistics noted a significant rise in the number of EA applications this year. Only Harvard, which received 3,872 EA applications for 2006, compared to 4,213 for 2005, saw a decline. 2005 marks the first year in which Yale received more EA applications than Harvard did.

The University of Pennsylvania saw an especially sharp rise in the number of EA applications received this year. In 2004, the University received 3,420 EA applications; in 2005, it received 4,148 - an increase of 21 per cent! Observers say that the increase is due in part to growing awareness among college applicants that the University of Pennsylvania admits almost half (over 45 per cent) of its freshman classes from the EA pool.


Early Applications Received in 2005

% of Early Applicants Accepted in 2005 Early Applications Received in 2004

% of Early Applicants Accepted in 2004


 2,379 22.9% 2,030 28%


2,275 25.6% 1,891 23.2%


2,849 38.7% 2,572 41.7%


1,321 30% 1,171 33.9%


3,872 21.3% 4,213 21%


4,148 28.6% 3,420 34.2%


2,236 26.8% 2,039 29.1%


4,084 17.7% 3,933 17.9%

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