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12/09/2016 14:35:48 - (David)
UW Madison tuition follow up
12/09/2016 14:38:34 - (David)

The proposal to raise out-of-state tuition at UW Madison was approved. As a result, the annual nonresident undergraduate tuition will jump 12% from $31,523 to $35,523 by the 2018 fall semester. Tuition increases at the professional schools will be even larger.

12/07/2016 16:32:30 - (David)
Out-of-state tuition at UW Madison may rise $4,000
12/07/2016 16:37:32 - (David)

There is currently a proposal to raise out-of-state tuition at University of Wisconsin-Madison by approximately $4,000 over the next 2 years. In-state undergraduate tuition has been frozen since 2013. If you're considering an out-of-state public college, just understand the risk of a large tuition hike sometime over a four-year tenure.

12/05/2016 13:28:30 - (David)
UVA to pilot new study abroad program
12/05/2016 13:33:00 - (David)

Students accepted in early action into the College and Graduate School of Arts & Sciences at University of Virginia will have the opportunity to study abroad in London.

This is one more reason we ask future applicants to start closely looking at their various options and do their research. Perhaps some applicants may think UVA is a bit rural until they learn they can spend a semester in London which then balances out that particular concern?

11/23/2016 13:41:30 - (David)
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11/23/2016 13:41:49 - (David)

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    11/22/2016 11:19:39 - (David)
    Top college profiles updated
    11/22/2016 11:21:49 - (David)

    Our top private colleges, top liberal arts colleges and top public universities have all been updated to reflect the latest Rhodes Scholarship winners.

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