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08/22/2016 09:50:41 - (David)
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08/22/2016 09:50:53 - (David)

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    08/18/2016 17:25:25 - (David)
    The Army has a new SAT/ACT prep tool
    08/18/2016 17:27:44 - (David)

    The Army is pushing its free SAT/ACT prep tool, March2Success and has started a new social media campaign to promote it. They don't technically collect information for recruitment or other purposes, but they're honest that the free test prep site does increase interest in military careers. If you do try it, please send us your feedback so we can get a better feel on recommending it to others!

    08/10/2016 14:55:09 - (David)
    Can liberal arts save our business schools?
    08/10/2016 14:55:49 - (David)

    The Canadian Huffington Post has a surprisingly thoughtful article on how liberal arts could save (or at least strengthen) our business schools. It explains how automation is outpacing individuals' abilities to keep up and implies the business educational process needs to be overhauled.

    We've always been firm believers that liberal arts are excellent for infusing analytical, research and writing skills that can transcend various technological advancements. And while we don't want to go so far as to say liberal arts is the panacea to all that ails us educationally, it's a subject worth approaching with an open mind.

    08/08/2016 13:40:24 - (David)
    Penn to allow score choice
    08/08/2016 13:44:11 - (David)

    The University of Pennsylvania will now allow applicants to use Score Choice. After initially saying this benefited wealthy applicants, it seems Penn has had a recent change of heart. We expect them to see a few more applications this year as a result of their decision. While we still won't encourage applicants to set out to take the SAT multiple times, we believe this decision gives the applicant control over one more aspect of their application.

    08/02/2016 17:05:06 - (David)
    Can You Afford a Public College Education?
    08/02/2016 17:08:01 - (David)

    We have updated our Harvard versus UVA analysis to reflect the 2016-2017 costs of attendance at both schools.

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