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01/13/2017 09:42:18 - (David)
Ace your college application
01/13/2017 09:43:07 - (David)

The first thing you need to do is take the same holistic view of your application that the school’s admissions committee will take. Inventory your strengths and weaknesses and determine their priorities. You have limited space and can’t afford to take a “shot gun” approach by trying to cover everything.

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01/12/2017 14:43:11 - (David)
The "Why are You Applying to Our College?" Essay
01/12/2017 14:44:39 - (David)

The admission committee wants to know why you believe you are a good match with their college. They are looking for insight for the following three things:

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12/21/2016 16:18:34 - (David)
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12/21/2016 16:19:26 - (David)

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    12/16/2016 09:56:55 - (David)
    Maintaining good behavior once you're in college
    12/16/2016 10:00:50 - (David)

    Princeton University just suspended its men's swim team for inappropriate material posted to an email list. Please remember to maintain good behavior after you're admitted. It doesn't matter if it's a "tradition" that's been in place for whatever period of time. At some point, it's going to be uncovered and getting unceremoniously kicked out of a top school is probably going to end up being worse than having never gotten admitted in the first place.

    12/09/2016 14:35:48 - (David)
    UW Madison tuition follow up
    12/09/2016 14:38:34 - (David)

    The proposal to raise out-of-state tuition at UW Madison was approved. As a result, the annual nonresident undergraduate tuition will jump 12% from $31,523 to $35,523 by the 2018 fall semester. Tuition increases at the professional schools will be even larger.

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