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09/13/2016 20:58:34 - (David)
New US News Rankings
09/13/2016 20:59:52 - (David)

The new US News rankings came out and we just wanted to remind our readers to take these (and all rankings for that matter) with a proverbial 'grain of salt.' Fit should always be a much higher priority than the ever-shifting rankings.

09/08/2016 17:29:20 - (David)
GPA still the most important factor
09/08/2016 17:31:13 - (David)

In case there was any doubt, the latest NACAC survey found that grades in college preparatory courses were ranked as the most important factor in its most recent survey with over 80% of respondents rating it as at least "considerably important."

09/06/2016 16:55:47 - (David)
Consider joint degrees when selecting colleges
09/06/2016 16:58:36 - (David)

Daily Tarheel has a nice article about the joint degree biomedical engineering program offered at UNC Chapel Hill and NC State. We know most parents only consider joint degrees in the graduate school realm, but they are sometimes attractive options for college applicants as well.

09/06/2016 10:41:33 - (David)
Yes, we're still here!
09/06/2016 10:43:03 - (David)

Between our package clients and complimentary assessments, we're slammed right now. That means, some technical web issues have kept us from updating sections of our site. We also have some unfinished Youtube videos, etc. Anyway, call us if you need us. We're here and bunkering down for busy season!

09/01/2016 12:48:47 - (David)
Georgetown to atone for slavery
09/01/2016 12:52:09 - (David)

Georgetown University will apparently become the first US college to make reparations for slavery by offering preferential admission to the descendants of 272 slaves it sold in 1838 to pay off debt.

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