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May 4, 2009

Senior Consultant Maria Fallon, Quoted in Utica Observer-Dispatch

Senior Admissions Consultant Maria Fallon was quoted in the Utica Observer-Dispatch regarding public versus private college enrollment numbers. The article discussed the impact of the downturn of the economy on school choices for students and how private school enrollment has dropped "as much as 17 percent."

Fallon stated that private college enrollment has dropped nationwide. She commented, "The economy is the real driving force. Students are applying more to the flagship state schools or even community colleges because of the perceived cost of private schools."

As we reported earlier this month in our blog, private schools actually anticipated this drop and admitted more students this year than in prior admissions cycles. Also, some students may not be aware that, depending on their financial situation, attending an Ivy League school actually may be more cost effective than attending an in-state flagship college. Ivy League schools have developed comprehensive financial aid packages for lower income students, which may be more beneficial than in-state loans.

Many colleges have taken into account national economic difficulties and are adapting to accommodate students. For students and their parents who are looking for ways to pay for education, exploring all financial options of a particular school is advisable before committing to what may seem to be the obvious lower-cost option.

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